1 Day Retreat

PRIESTESS ALCHEMY: HOLY ROSE Ceremonial Embodiment Retreat
(1 Day Retreat)

Face to Face Rites of Passage, Cacao Ceremony and SISTERHOOD OF THE SCARLET ROSE 1 DAY RETREAT ~ Surrender to the Mystery of Grail Initiation.


Once upon a time, we were witches, well maybe.

Perhaps we were just women who held magic in our hearts and love in our bodies.

We understood the power of spells, and that; silence, words and dreams held ancient codes that would connect us to the entire universe. That our wombs were the alters that seeded the miracle of life.

We knew that to truly love, is to accept that death is inevitable and that our connection exists beyond time and space.

We are temples of incarnate stars, a bridge where human meets divine’.

Join us for a day of self love practice, embodied devotional ritual, one on one Shakti transmission, time travel healing, meditation transmission, Rose alchemy oil blessing, heart-womb alignment, dance and re-claiming our sacred birth right as feminine alchemists!

We will open sacred space up in circle blessings and drop deeper and deeper into our hearts, and bodies opening the gateway that unlocks our passion, creativity, inspiration and queendom.

This is going to be a powerful transmission and is limited to only 20 women!

Sisters, Queens, Witches, Faye, Woman of the world … I’m calling you.

I have been inspired to run a 1 day retreat for magic whispers who are keen to experience Feminine Alchemy, Priestess Rites of Passage, the Scarlet Red Rose sisterhood Mysteries and transmissions around the Grail, ancient Egyptian ceremonial activation and inner union and the Mystical Marriage!!

This is not a traditional workshop!

I work with deep ancient alchemical codes, universal geometry, grounded embodied practices and pure MaGiCK!

Bring your broomsticks, medicine wands, drums, oils, runes, spells, incantations, hearts, ecstatic bodies and let’s weave some erotic love back into our temples.

If you or another sister feel called to temple practice, comment ‘Priestess Alchemy’ and I will personally send you the link before I market it on social media to the public!


  • Feminine Gnosis and the art of Surrender/ Receiving
  • Priestess Archetypal Magic and the Sword of Truth.
  • Rose Alchemy, The Erotic Heart & Inner Union
  • Our Body as a TEMPLE
  • Overcoming our fear and Reclaiming our Desires.
  • Deep Devotional Practice and Self Love Ritual
  • Discovering our Magic, Blooming Creativity and Self Acceptance
  • The Holy Grail of Womanhood – Life, Death, Rebirth Rites of Passage and the black Madonna.
  • Reclaiming our Queendom, our voice, power and pure sexual wild innocence.
  • Archetypal Cycles
  • Aligning to Life Purpose and embracing commitment
  • Healing Old Ancestral Wounding, patterns, programs
  • Feminine wounding and being hurt by other women
  • .Resistance to exploring the art of surrender
  • Dropping into the ‘feeling body’ without the ‘thinking mind’
  • Sisterhood – motherhood wounding
  • Being caught up in the ‘doing’, getting angry at the feminine and inability to alchemise emotion into intuitive guidance, flow, wisdom and embodiment.

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