Every day in all parts of our world there is a crisis experienced by a human(s) – individually or as part of humanitarian crisis impacting the most vulnerable or the wider community/country

Poverty, pandemics and disease, climate change, natural disasters, religious, spiritual or cultural abuse, transgenerational trauma, persecution, gender inequality and violation, economic hardship, coupled with political and governmental regimes which violate basic human rights all impact individuals and communities.  When there is a humanitarian event/crisis, all are impacted, women and men of all ages, mothers and fathers, children and teenagers, the elderly, the animals and our precious earth.

The welfare and protection of humanity is at the core of Mary’s compassionate heart and soul as the Co Founder of One Love Humanity (OLH).   OLH is committed to partnering with both government and non government departments and support agencies, charities, churches, women and children’s refuges and various support groups to provide humanitarian support utilising its network of committed people and educational programs.

One Love Humanity is also committed to partnering up with organisations in order to create developmental programs, educational programs, fund-raisers, and explore additional resources to assist on both a local and global level. 

Activism/Human Rights/Equal Rights

Through her studies in intercultural, social and political processes and issues confronting cultures and societies in Australia and internationally, Mary and OLH through its Vision, Mission and Creed, stand and support activism for the protection and upholding of human rights and equal rights. 

OLH stands and seeks the safety and protection, fairness and inclusivity for all human beings in all areas of local and international relations, cultural communications, diplomacy, business and humanitarian policy and negotiations. 

OLH seeks to align and work with organisations who promote similar values particularly in the areas of domestic violence, child protection, mental health, suicide prevention, women’s rights, relationship and family as well as building intercultural Indigenous awareness programs. 

Indigenous Development Programs and Healing Transgenerational Trauma

At the heart of our country Australia and indeed in many countries around the globe, is our First Nation’s People.  Mary and OLH honour and fully respect our Indigenous people and their culture.  We acknowledge the ancient wisdom that they have within them and recognise the challenges they have confronted through generations.

Mary and OLH, intend to develop Indigenous Development Programs in partnership with Indigenous Communities to support our First Nation’s People and assist people to recognise the importance of their history, lands and culture to our nation and bring a greater understanding and healing of the transgenerational trauma that has impacted through the generations.

OLH seeks to align and work with organisations to promote Indigenous Development Programs and Heal Transgenerational Trauma.


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