Consulting & Tailored Programs

For Individuals and Business

A tailored consultation… 

…is far more than coaching or a simple mentorship.

Consultation is next level, it is exclusive, intensive support, individually created for YOU in any area of your life.

With the option to meet in person or online for as many hours as you need, consultation can be a one-off session or continue as an ongoing plan towards achieving your goals.

The flexibility of a consultation plan encompasses a broad spectrum of needs such as:

Conscious Business Practices – Perhaps you need guidance as a heart-inspired leader, developing the people and culture within your business. As we move forward into the 21st century, more and more organisations are making the choice to align their business practices with conscious systems and structures. Sometimes, for this to happen within a more traditional system, challenges can arise that need outside support.


Self-Love Practice – Often people are looking for love but haven’t found love for themselves first. How we feel about ourselves directly affects the way we form relationships. Although it sounds like such a simple thing, loving our-selves can feel daunting and even impossible for those who have traumas and conditionings as a result of their pasts. Sometimes, the only way forward is to make a radical self-commitment. With intensive support, people can be guided back into honouring their emotional, sexual, spiritual and soulful selves in order to build and solidify an unyielding foundation of self-worth.

Relationship – As human beings we live for connection and forming relationships. Sometimes our own past experiences and conditionings can get in the way of healthy connections or perhaps a significant relationship we are in has eroded and needs some immediate attention. Often, it’s hard to clearly see how to move forward, when we are so ingrained in patterns and emotionally entangled.


Finding Relationship/Matchmaking – One of my special talents and something I really enjoy happens to be helping people find the one they’ve been searching for. I’m often asked by women “where are all the conscious men?” and then, I’m asked – by men, “where are all the conscious women?” To help them find each other, I’ve developed a unique system that involves select profiling, helping me to understand who they are, where they are at in their life and what they want. Then, I make the magic happen…

So, if you’re…

..ready to proceed to the next level, reach out and get in touch.

One of my team will promptly respond with a time to discuss how we will move forward – together.

All my love,

Mary xx

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