“I want to see people who are really wanting to redesign their lives and embrace their truth and authenticity.”

Rites of Passion™ is guided, rites of passage work.

I am passionate about Rites of Passage and initiation work but I am always asking how I can bring someone else into their own Rites of Passion.

I feel that each time the rebirth occurs we just open up to wanting more aliveness, like falling in love with the great mystery and falling in love with life. 

I want to work with people who, foremost, seek to redesign their lives and embrace their truth and their authenticity.

I can navigate them into dying, not physically but allowing each program or conditioning or whatever it is that’s holding them back, its death. 

A lot of people want that, but also, a lot of people are very attached to their programs and conditionings. They need to let go of some of those attachments that they have ingrained in them. 

Rites of passage work is going to bring everything up.

It will initiate you into what you’re looking for, what you’re searching for, what you’re wanting to call into your life. 

I do my work through transformational retreats, online programs and also through one on one coaching and mentoring. 

When I work with someone, it’s not just anyone who wants to come in for a quick session. I attract people who are committed to their unfolding. They are committed to working on the release of some of their limited beliefs and conditionings.

Most of all, they are committed to discovering who they really are. 

My role is to help people remember who they really are. To remember who they are away from living from a place of trauma bonding, without living from a place of fear and without living from a place of worthlessness.

My job is to show them their shadow, so they are able to deliver it to their heart. 

It would be my honour to guide you further on your journey back to your best self.

Mary Mikhael

All my love


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