An opportunity to be accepted into a lifechanging program

Every year

I offer a number of places in my courses and retreats as ‘gifts’ to those who are experiencing setbacks and would benefit most from a helping hand.

If you:

  • Are currently unemployed or on benefits
  • Experiencing hardship and Studying
  • Have recently experienced a separation or divorce
  • Are a single mother
  • Have magic in your blood and feel drawn to the path of Feminine mysteries, rose alchemy and the priestess.
  • Are open to a magical exchange

Then contact us to find out more about applying for one of our scholarships.

This training is a deep initiation into your magic and reclamation of your sovereign devotion and intuitive wisdom. A deep and intimate pilgrimage into your erotic heart, full-embodied grace and power.

I want everyone to be able to access the tools they need for transformation and finding their way back to their most empowered self.

Make contact

We’d love to hear from you! Email or call us to enquire about our programs, mentorships, retreats, our services, our shop products and if you would like to book Mary for a public speaking engagement.


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