Love, Intimacy & Relationships


Is a deep devotional pathway into commitment and connection to self, relationship dynamics, levels of intimacy and openness, love language’s, societal conditioning around partnerships and the natural evolution of love, attraction, communication and passion.

You will have an opportunity to look deeply into strengthening and awakening the erotic heart through the cycles of change (for man, woman, partnerships) as we naturally evolve through life ages, and stages. This training immersion supports you to understand and navigate the hidden shadow aspects of self and intimacy so that we are freed from co dependant addictions, attachments, behaviours that stifle our inner growth.

Commitment is sexy. Relationships are designed to ignite a spark in our hearts and a fire in our bodies, adding value, richness, creativity and joy in our lives – allowing us safe space to release our fears, overcome challenges and align to the current of love and aliveness available to all of us.

Here singles and couples are committed to co-create a deep, soulful and erotic template and sacred contract for their relationship both personally and relationally.

These teachings have been locked away for centuries and are now finally being taught to people from all walks of life and across the world to assist in cultivating new paradigms of relating through the Sacred Marriage.

Participating either in one on one sessions or in our training, whether you are in a relationship or not, will enable you to discover your own intuitive, intimate and instinctive connection to self, and also the intimate connections and contracts you share in your relationships and friendship containers.

Open to one on one coaching for singles and for couples.

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