Medicine Wands

These powerful Medicine Wands are all hand crafted and hand made, individually channelled, and blessed with the alchemy of the elements and oracle wishes … each one carries the whisper of nature, wildness and balance. They have all lived with me in the temple and have experienced so many initiations through prayers, ritual, dance, moon rites, shadow journeys, love, ceremony and invocation …

All wands are infused with magic, intention, crystals, leather/suede, high grade therapeutic oils and each has a individual description and their own either mantra, prayer, message or incantation around their unique medicine.

I have personally sourced and chosen every crystal for greatest impact and connection:

Each one is made from ALCHEMY and filled with the scent of the highest quality essential oil.

These wands can be used for meditation practice, clearing, smudging, healing, opening sacred space, calling in spirit (animals) moon time rites and rituals and accessing portals.

The larger shamanic wands are life size and act as portal openers; Kundalini Serpent Power, Angelic Gate, Shamanic Dreaming, Grandfather Druid and Phoenix Rebirth.

Especially Made to Order and with their Own Individual Names.

Prices will be advised.

If you feel called to play with anyone of them, please contact me and I will advise pricing and send you pictures of current stock.

You can either pick them up in person or I can mail them to you.


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