Mystica Rosa Alchemica Oils

Mystica Rosa Alchemica is my exclusive brand of Egyptian Priestess Initiation oils and Elixirs. Magic for the enchanted soul.  I have personally sourced the highest grade quality and they contain No Chemicals.

High Priestess’s, priests and alchemists used the oils to feel closer to the deities associated with those particular scents and in cleansing rituals to purge out the old and awaken new magic in their cells and their fields.

These Egyptian Priestess oils which contain 6 Initiation Oils in a pack are exported directly to me  from Cairo.  They are intoxicating and super potent.

Other oils that are periodically substituted and included in the 6 pack are White Lily, White Jasmine, Queen of the Nile and Frankincense.

A$220 plus A$15 postage and delivery.  Strictly no pick up.

These oils are used for anointing, invoking, initiating and ceremony. They will awaken your senses and help you to remember sacred codes.

I ONLY use these oils for my sacred feminine work.

Let me know if you would like a ceremonial pack and I’ll mail them out to you.

The sets include:

  • 🌹 Isis Magdalena
  • 🌹 Egyptian Rose
  • 🌹 Blue Lotus
  • 🌹 White Lotus
  • 🌹 Arabian Jehan
  • 🌹 Black Obsidian



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