Rose Mysteries and Sisterhood of the Rose

In addition, I have journeyed the path through many lifetimes and embodied the mystery teachings of the Venusian Sisterhood of the Rose lineages, back to the times of Atlantis, Lemuria, Sumeria and Egypt.  The Sisterhood of the Rose acts as an earthly custodian of the sacred wisdom of the Divine Feminine, the Venusian temple art teachings and the Rose Mystica Records.

I am a High Priestess of the Scarlett Red Rose Lineage which embodies Sacred Sexuality, the Feminine Grail, magic, illumination, blood mysteries, womb rites and sensual reclamation, channelled through the Magdalena, Isis, Sekmet and the Dakini.  At my Priestess Retreats women are trained and brought into this Priestess lineage.

I have also travelled the path of the Blue Rose, the Pink Rose, the Black Rose, the Gold Rose, the Purple Rose, the Silver Rose, the Green Rose and the White Rose..  I hold the Rose Path and the Rose Mysteries as holy and sacred as it is my connection to the Divine Feminine mysteries, the Divine Mother Goddess, Christ Consciousness and the Sacred Marriage to create and inspire conscious relationships thereby helping women access their magic and live purpose through following their intuitive wisdom and remembering themselves as love incarnate. 

I selectively share these teachings with women who are called to journey the path of the Sisterhood of the Rose and the Divine Mother Goddess.

  • Rose Mysteries
  • Sisterhood of the Rose & Rose Lineages
  • Divine Feminine, Divine Mother Goddess
  • Grail Mysteries
  • Blood and Moon Cycles & Mysteries
  • Womb Rites
  • Sacred Sexuality and Sensuality Reclamation
  • Venusian Temple Arts
  • Rose Temples
  • Devotional Embodiment
  • The Sacred Marriage and Union Codes
  • The Erotic Heart and the depth of Intimacy
  • The reclamation of our wild innocence
  • The Black Madonna, the underworld and Shadow Alchemy

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