Mary Mikhael Angelique just wanted to say a BIG congratulations on
running, facilitating and holding your very first online program.
Thank you for rearranging your business to be able to still deliver your teachings, making it accessible to all.
What a success and a very potent journey it has been over the 12 weeks. Many gifts and many to still unfold.
Thank you for your time, energy, magic, love, wisdom, creation, co-creations (feminine and masculine) and devotional service to us all. Thankyou for holding us all.
Thank you for your endless desire and passionate devotional creative service in holding, embodying and birthing the gift of the ‘Rose’ mysteries, The Holy Magdalena in its authentic rememberance and return to the earth. 🌹
Thank you also Jay for your endless support in holding and delivering the vision along side your girl, in every direction she and the mystery flows.
Thank you Jay for holding us all, it’s deeply appreciated, always.
Mary, you always hold such a safe container to deepening the journey of self. We love you and are truly honoured to be on and apart of the journey with you.
May the feminine mystery continue to weave her magic through us, to awaken the hearts of divine feminine essence on the planet.
Thank you for the gift of you 🌹
Thank you to the OLH team behind the scenes, in making it all possible Florenda Llanasa and the IT guys on the other side of the world.
And the team upstairs .
Congratulations ❤️🌹❤️
Much gratitude 🙏❤️🌹
Enjoy your rest.
Ali 🌹❤️