The 12 week Priestess Alchemy journey with Mary Mikhael Angelique
has been just simply ‘magic’ nothing short of a simple miracle has unfolded and continues to bloom for me from this experience.
Deeply healing an ancient wound of ‘self abandonment’ and ‘abandonment’ has given way to receiving and accepting the ‘Goddess’ my feminine whom for so long I pushed away.
Surrendering deeper into my own mystery. I feel magic, I feel a healthy sense of self and self worth. No longer do I seek externally for the connection that I’m now witnessing and holding within.
My intuition is louder, my sensual nature is awakening and my heart feels like its being made love too with each breath.
I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the death of the old and an awakening that feels like my soul has waited lifetimes to experience.
Mary your sacred teachings and gifted soul is truly remarkable, thank you for everything that you are and for continuing to show up ❤️
Thank you
Deep gratitude
Love, Ali