It is such purity & power when working with Mary one on one. Her gifts are out of this world!!!
Such deep cellular healing occurs, that you walk out of the session a new person, having released, shed, healed, transmuted and transformed.
Holding you in such deep love and compassion, so you can feel safe to go through what you need too..
She is such a gift to this time and place.
I highly recommend booking in for a session with this lady.
What’s more is that this work also transfers over into the workshops and retreats.
Xoxo 😘
“No one every said it would be easy” lol..
the hardest work always has the greatest rewards, blessings and gifts 😊
I’ve received many gifts, a friendship with you being one of them..
The greatest of all.. moving into and fully remembering love at its deepest level… …
Then holding others through …
Wouldn’t have been able to remember this, after waiting so long..
with out you and jay.
I am eternally grateful