Mary Mikhael is a phenomenal woman, an amazing soul, a beautiful spirt. She is loving, kind, generous, authentic, truthfully direct with a vast sense of knowledge and wisdom for everything metaphysical, spiritual, astrological, emotional, physical and mind/ego based.

Mary is tremendously passionate about her work, helping others, living, loving and creating life. She helps you, guides you, transforms you from a caterpillar to a butterfly, from a caged bird to wings of freedom. Mary has unimaginable powers to heal you, she encourages you to tear away your veils of illusions and strips you back to your core soul being. Mary guides you to set the REAL you FREE. Free to then create your life the way you desire it, attracting abundance in all areas of life and discovering your hidden purpose and passions. You start to see the beauty, magic and the power of the universe, everything in it, above it and below it.

I have only been working with Mary for 11 months!! There are no words to describe the level of release, emotional healing, growth and change that has happened within me, happening around me and will forever continue to happen!

At times it’s challenging, but it’s the challenges and fears we are presented with in life that sets us FREE. I am so proud of myself for having the courage and strength to continue on my spiritual path and soul evolution.

Facing your fears, healing and letting go of your emotional baggage, clearing karma and battling  your ego is no easy task, it’s uncomfortable and painful… It’s all worth it “to be truly free”. To remember your soul as only knowing unconditional love.

Mary has helped me grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually in ways I cant even fathom! I am only at the beginning and have come so far, so far I have yet to go! I will always remember the age of 25 as the time my life “actually started”. This spiritual journey is “everything I am” after many years of searching for “something” not knowing what that “something” was,  THIS was unexpected! I have come home, I have found where I belong, where I fit in. I am unveiling and discovering my “I AM”

At this present moment I have developed a new sense of security, freedom and peace 🙂 xoxo. Ive removed a lot of fear, judgement, depression and anxiety out of my being.

2014 is going to be and exciting year, with Mary’s help, healing and guidance, I am creating with destiny. Wow…

I am so grateful to have been guided to Mary Mikhael’s meditation classes, from the first class I was like a “moth to a flame” and have been addicted ever since! The energy she creates in the room/temple, her spiritual teachings and her presence are incredibly powerful!

I am forever eternally grateful to you Mary, I am spiritually awakening and to me that’s the greatest gift of all. Xoxoxo

Namaste Mary Mikhael~ A Goddess, an Angel~ The Spiritual Warrior who “DOES IT ALL”

Eternal Love