Hi Mary

I just wanted to say thank you for last nights session at the salt room. It was an amazing night for me, as it made me realise that I am really starting to connect to my spirituality, becoming aware and awakened, and I am absolutely loving it and myself. The reason I came to the session is to learn more about my spirituality, meditation, and how to connect to my guides. One thing I must tell you is that I got a little distracted at the start as I could see your aura so clearly, I have never seen an aura glow so much around someone before, it was awesome, beautiful. I am blessed to have met you, so glad you asked me to come. Your aura looked yellow, golden even, although the room was dim so it could have been distractive to the real colour, but I do believe that these colours mean that you are awakened, spiritual, so whether you were in that room or not I’m guessing it would be the same.. Thank you again, hope to see you again soon. So grateful to have met you!!