Sharing some self-insight with my soul-tribe:
I began the Merge as a simple, 100 piece puzzle: large simple pieces; a pleasant colorful picture; easy to put together. Some pieces were still in the box because I hadn’t figured out where they belonged yet, but nothing was missing. It was all there.
Over the weekend I took the puzzle apart – sometimes carefully, sometimes violently – because I realised that the pieces didnt fit together anymore: they were multiplying; becoming more complicated and intricate. And though the picture was the same, it had more color and movement and detail and vibrancy.
I brought home 500 puzzle pieces, all floating around in my suitcase. Some of them I’ve since put together, but most of them are back in the box, waiting as I start making the puzzle again.
I’ve realised that each time I delve deep into myself I will start the process of taking the puzzle apart so the pieces can evolve and be put back together. It doesn’t matter how long the puzzle takes or how many times I take it apart, because it will never be finished – it will always be growing and changing and becoming more than what it was.
I’m pretty excited because if theres one thing I love as much as Lego its putting together a good puzzle!