The Goddess Rise Retreat was such an incredible time of raw emotion, healing and reconnection with so many releases and shifts with other truly beautiful women. In our few days together, I have discovered an even more deeper love for others and within myself!
Mary Mikhael, you are one magical woman!! The space you held for each and every one of us was so incredible and I feel so much gratitude and love for you, and I feel privileged to receive so much guidance and wisdom from someone as gifted as you.
The journey you took us on words simply can not describe! The tears, the laughter, new learning’s, letting go and all of the releasing moments. I absolutely loved every minute of it!
You are the most raw, honest, and powerfully gifted person and I want to thank you for being my friend, my Divine Sister, and for being the beautiful Goddess that you are ❤❤❤
Love you xxx
And… can’t wait for the Goddess Retreat II .. it will be epic!!