This is a story which began a long long time ago, one that arises through love and transcended time and space…
One that was made of illusions and deceptive realities but once again one that broke free through the unconditional love of the Universe.
I feel so blessed and loved right now because by following my heart, my intuitions, my higher self it brought me closer to just be me… one journey that will continue on until I take my last breath in this realm and beyond. I have many people to thanks but right now, I have gratitude to Mary (and her beloved Jay) because by meeting two years ago, the impact of what they brought to me, to us, catapulted me into walking my path. This week end I got the opportunity to join her into one of the spiritual retreat she facilitates, Goddess Embodiment through her OneLoveHumanity’s mission. One that made it extra special for me because it was on my beloved Bundjalung country under the protection of the powerful Wollumbin (Mt Warning). It humbled me because wherever I was in my journey, what I experienced surpassed my fears, my excitment, my expectations. I felt safe, loved and surrounded by other magical souls.
I am grateful for Mary’s soul, her magic, and just for being her. I always felt her with me through all those years. Now I know why. I am grateful for all the beautiful connections and the memories that it reminded me of.

To all my soul sisters on this journey with me, we were gifted of this beautiful Pleiades mandela, made by my own beloved on our last day of retreat -The Seven Sisters. As I said I am blessed.

It might not make sense to many, but please go within, if you feel the call don’t be afraid, seek your own truth and when you do, the right people will show up.

No longer will I be afraid of the dark. No longer will I hide.

I just want to be.

One love my brothers and sisters.
Peace always ❤️💕❤️