Thank you for sharing this video Mary! (So nice to be able to see, hear and learn from your wisdom from across the globe!)

It was an eternal blessing when we came together Mary ☺ as I always say, it was love at first sight! (It did not feel like the first time meeting you!) You saw me and in turn you allowed me to see myself. (You also heard me!)You helped me to see my power, my light, my heart and remember. You showed me what it meant to experience the feeling but then step back to see the lesson and learn. You taught me what it means to grow! To let go! And be open to my path! As hard as that is for me haha! I’m still learning…but aren’t we always
Mary, you opened my eyes; you taught me how to use them and provided tools that I carry and put to use each and every single day!! The true testament is that I have been in another country for a year and a half and I still continue to learn from and better understand myself and this world through the work we did together! Can you believe I thought for a second I couldn’t be truly happy!! Lol “Divine Love!!!” Mary. I will never be able to put into words the way my heart and soul feel about you. But thank you and always in admiration of you
I highly recommend working with Mary! Wherever it is you find yourself on your path!