Priestess Alchemy
I am very grateful to Mary Mikhael Angelique and her team of OLH for the past 12 weeks of experiencing the priestess alchemy. I never imagined the impact and change it would have on the way I think about myself, others and the world around me. I am in deep gratitude to you for supporting me in my journey of me. During the 12 weeks you have supported me through my changes as I have explored my shadow side and opened up and acknowledge my fears, jealousy, resentment and anger.
My heart is opening to the blossom of the Holy Rose of my soul and seeing a woman who I have abandoned, who is ready to be seen,explored and to surrender to all possibilities.
Your words speak wisdom to my soul and the feminine mysteries stir within.
I can never thank you or you team enough for seeing me. As my flower opens the light of my soul illuminates to seeing only good and offering love.