Mary Mikhael – Goddess Embodiment Training

Working with Mary was an experience unmatched by no other.

As a Psychic & facilitator for those on the path of awakening, being met by others in my own experience of expansion, has been a rare opportunity for me.

Mary Magdalene came to me in my work in my young years, however deciphering her codes was indeed a Mystery.

Finding answers to the questions I had, no amount of research could satisfy the calling I had.

The calling of the Scarlett Rose came to me through a mutual acquaintance of Mary & I.

Upon learning of Mary Mikhael’s Goddess Embodiment Retreat, I knew without doubt this was my calling. My Rights of Passage.

An Initiation I was guiding myself through, yet could not fathom in depth.

At this stage in my journey, I yearned for a midwife of my own passage. An Initiator.

Most importantly, someone I could trust during such a delicate process.

Although I had not been formally acquainted with Mary, nor needed to be to validate the power of her work; the transmission was already carrying within the field.

I met Mary officially in Bali on her Retreat.

Instantly I was captivated & impressed with the container she held.

Clean, respectable, strong, nurturing.

It was clear Mary was indeed an expert in her field.

I chose to work with Mary for she embodies a current – a lineage of teachings – in which can only truly be transmitted with aligned intentions, a deep knowing of the work & an anchoring that only a true Master of one’s craft can hold.

The integrity of the work, along with the raw, real & yet eloquent expression of the Codes was conveyed in high regard.

16 months on, the waves of her work resounding in my field still today, continue to unlock codes & enable a greater depth of awakening for me.

Mary will always come highly recommended by myself as a true expert in her work of Sacred Union & Priestess Alchemy.

She is one of the very rare few I have & will ever turn to for support within my own psychic field.

She is a Goddess Embodied.

A Witch.
A Mystic.
A Psychic.
A Priestess.
A Powerhouse.

A woman on mission who knows what she is doing.

I celebrate Mary for the point in humanity she holds, for her mission bears a great weight that only a true warrior can yield.

And with that, she wears this weight like a crown upon her head.

With ease, grace & humbling rawness of what’s required to step forward in this time of calling, in this time of Awakening.

Honour to you, Mary
I humbly bow to you sister, for I see a Queen before me.

With love,
Courtney J Dwyer
Psychic Soul Expert