I pulled off the road and snapped this photo on my way to the retreat on Saturday morning. Mary & Jay’s place is where the rainbow ends on then right. I couldn’t believe it – gave me goosebumps! – such a beautiful sign I was meant to be there will all you wonderful souls.
On Monday morning before breakfast I wrote this poem that captured my experience of the retreat, and sharing with all you beautiful souls
The wheel turns
And time stands still
A tear falls
From the deepest depth
Through eternity it falls
Through all dimensions of light
Never knowing
Forever searching
The angels hear its call
Gathering to witness its fall
Light upon light
In Divine joy
More and more the angels sing
A song of love from the Cosmic Heart
The tear awakens
It’s crystal light ignites
Feeling its utter bliss
It finally lands
In the ocean of love
Merging with all the others
No longer separate
It feels at peace
In the heart of the Cosmic Womb
The water of life