Are you ready for this…..

Our testimonial by Jessica Rose & Daniel Bausch – Bali retreat 19th Oct – 26th October 2016 Twin flame Enterprises Mary Mikhael & Jonathan Movitz.

After almost 8 years of being together my husband Daniel and I are finally finding our balance as a union, the yin & yang, sacred masculine & feminine are reuniting after some serious trials and tribulations, we are finding ourselves through connecting to our own hearts, which has lead us back to each other.

After many lifetimes of releasing/healing our own Karmas, understanding self by taking absolute responsibility for our creations through beliefs that we have taken on and created ourselves, we are finally starting to enjoy the absolute fruits of our labour & we have Mary & Jonathan to absolutely thank for this.
I met Mary roughly 18months ago, desperately searching for answers I had been working on myself through self awareness for some time, however Mary had something different from the rest, she held an essence of freedom that I had not witnessed yet & I wanted in!

Mary could really see me, her instant love & respect for me, playfulness, patience & absolute truth was exactly what I had been searching for!

Mary & I have been on an absolute journey together, it has been profound & an absolute game changer for me, and in turn my relationship with my beautiful husband Daniel.

Mary has been a mirror of truth to me, demonstrating the barriers that I had created for myself and assisting me to face them with unconditional love, non judgement, non expection & truth.
Through the journey back to myself, Daniel decided on his own shift.

I chose to allow Daniel the space & freedom through trust to find himself by whatever means he felt best as he absolutely did this for me! Daniels teachings with Jonathan have been an equal game changer & as a result we have returned to each other after a seperation of heart stronger than ever & now having our 1st child together (due in March 2016).

The retreat in Bali was profound for us (and the baby), location at Ananda resort & spa was a tranquil & perfect location to hold all 17 of the most incredible souls we have ever had the privilege of spending 7 nights with!
For me being 20 weeks pregnant, it was energizing & uplifting to be around such loving souls who we’re all so dedicated to working on their soul development & we have truly made some lifetime friends from the experience & extend great gratitude to u all for all the joy, tears, chats & support!

For me personally, I was able to find my inner child again which brought me such relief, joy, energy & gratitude! ! I finally remembered who I started out as in this world & how much I had changed, not to mention the relief I felt that my original being was also perfect in all that is, it gave me so much energy that I can’t remember feeling since I was a child!

Daniel found a real sense of connection to all that is through his heart & a much broader understanding of self & his soul purpose! Not to mention a natural on the didgeridoo (gift from Johnathan & Mary & guidance fromJason Ralph).

As a result we are integrating being connected to our heart/devine in every moment! !

Mary & Jonathan, your incredible gifts that you have bestowed upon us is a level of gratitude quite hard to express in words & I hope that our testimonial is a true reflection of your unconditional service to the evolution of mankind, for freedom is ultimately what we all seek through unconditional love the pathway that leads us back to ourselves, and with souls like u guys leading the way, guiding us, there is absolute hope for us all!
We absolutely loved the retreat, look forward to all of our futures together and a brighter outlook for us all.
Namaste teachers, friends and family.