If anyone is interested, I would really love to share with everyone my personal experience from my last few months doing healings with Mary, attending meditation and our most recent retreat. Two years ago I suffered from post-traumatic stress that occurred from my job working on superyachts. I spent a year and a half not leaving the house except to do very basic errands and never alone. I couldn’t look at the ocean or go out in public without triggering it in some way. I became a complete hermit, too scared to see anyone or to do anything, even the things I used to love. I sought out medical help but even with weekly treatments I was only able to decrease how regularly I was having nightmares about boats but still had not improved my ability to cope with everyday life.

After working with Mary and attending meditation, piece by piece I began getting my life back. At first the changes were subtle, things like going to mediation class on my own and socializing with shop clerks but I was anxious for bigger changes in order to get my life back. The Daylesford retreat was a huge turning point for me. While incredibly anxious about needing to socialize and be in an unfamiliar place and situations, I knew this was something I needed to do for myself. In the week following the retreat, I wasn’t sure it had done anything. Life seemed just as difficult as always but Mary had urged us to allow a few weeks to integrate the healings and work we had done. My family and friends noticed long before I did, my attitude and behaviors started dramatically changing. I hadn’t noticed because it all seemed so natural to me. I took control of my life. I suddenly saw choices where I thought I had none, owned up to the choices I did make and took responsibility, something I had avoided my whole life.

Within a matter of a few months I now have a completely different perspective on life. I see the lessons the universe brings me as beautiful opportunities to work on myself. I’m chatting with strangers in the street and wandering around town on wonderful solo exploring adventures, stopping to feel the breeze and the sun on my skin. Not only do I feel ready to return to work, but I actually plan on going back to work on the superyachts once again. I’ve decided that fear can no longer run my life, and when I’m feeling fearful, I use this as an opportunity to move into a place of love. My plan was to get back to the way I used to be, before everything traumatic had happened. I never imagined that I would learn so much more than that. I’ve managed to shift a lifetime of negative patterning and thinking. I am no longer the victim of a sad story that I had created in my mind. I will be forever grateful for the beautiful gifts that Mary chooses to share with the world. She has given me the gift of possibilities and I am excited for all that the future will hold!