These pure Egyptian oils, with a scent so divinely delightful, have strength and power within them. They invite, no they command you to honour their sacredness.
I was not able to anoint myself without intention.
They just did not allow it.
I was not able to “quickly” be with them… they kept themselves away, until I had the spaciousness.
This morning as I sat, with my contemplations I anointed myself… and thus opened to a deepening into my essence.
As I sit here and reflect… the essence of the oils are alchemising with my essence, opening me to the natural vibration within me. I choose to tease this out a little more, and as I do my cells start to vibrate, my spine naturally lengthens, my body rebalances itself, I shake my head, and deeply breathe. My lungs fill with air and a scent that creates a remembrance within me. I feel regal, I feel royal (admittedly I am also surrounding myself with lapis lazuli … a crystal used in ancient times by the Egyptians – a royal crystal)…. but it is unmistakable this feeling inside… an awakening.
These Oils are an invitation to ignite the parts within you that have always been. An initiation into the purity that you are.
All the codes I am searching for, are within me.. they are within you too.
I open to the inner alchemisation that is delighting through me now xxx
Much love and grace to you Mary Mikhael  Angelique for these divine oils.