My Twin Flame experience in Bali allowed my inner child to surface and be in the glory of oneness. Through prayer,meditation,chanting, yoga, love, support, honesty and trust I whispered my truth which I did not know existed until that moment. Sacred land visits, group activities, lunches, dinners and free time to reflect or explore created a perfect balance to self discovery, love, life, laughter and living. My ego a reminder to consciously breath, think, speck and act. My higher self a benevolent high priestess. My inner child in awe of what I could not see. I am grateful. Thank you so much to Mary Mikhael for your heart, love, light, belief and vision. Your amazing ability to give us courage, to guide, and bring out the divine self in each of us, to speak our truth. I love you. Thank you Jonathan Movitz for your teachings, for being such a bright light with humility, grace and kindness. I love you. To my soul brother and sisters, wow, thank you all for a magical loving time. Thank you Bali. Blessings, love and light to all xo