Priestess Alchemy … what a ride beautiful, nurturing, awakening. A coming together of conscious community with the magical combination of Mary & Johnathan and the One Love Humanity family (team) AND the beautiful bunch of women I’ve come to know and call my friends.
The 12 week mentoring of the Priestess Alchemy – Holy Rose genuinely helped me explore, surrender, connect and compassionately embody the masculine and feminine aspects of myself which I had previously felt at war with.
Working with Mary and our fabulous group of women has truly helped me reveal a new depth of appreciation, softness, sensuality and love for the relationship with myself – its likened to a ‘coming home’ feeling and for that I’m deeply grateful.
I look forward to playing, exploring and unveiling more of my beautiful goodness, it makes my heart sing. Thank you Mary of the mysteries, you are a one of a kind ‘gift’.

P.S. Ladies, if your heart feels the call, do the course … you’ll thank yourself for it, truly!