After a couple of sessions with Mary Mikhael, it is very clear she is incredibly gifted.

Both occasions have been filled with wisdom, knowledge, guidance, love and non-judgemental acceptance.

In the most recent session Mary helped me connect more strongly with a loved one who had passed which brought some much desired clarity.

Mary has provided guidance helping me to better align with my direction, focus, purpose and higher self.

We have spoken about some possible directions for the future, some of which have already manifested very quickly.

Mary’s ability to provide spot on guidance, encouragement and enthusiastic support that inspire action is as unique as it is uncanny.

Notwithstanding that one has to be ready to make change; I have worked with business coaches, teachers and healers of several modalities, no one has helped me achieve this quantity of results in such a short timeframe with more still in progress.

Alignment within is key for efficient positive change.
My gratitude, love and appreciation for all that you are Mary. 🙏💙