Tonight was another amazing night… I must say I now have a very special reason to look forward to my Mondays. I have only attended 2 meditation sessions so far and I can already feel the shift that is occurring within. When I walk through the door I love how I never know what to expect except that it will be yet another profound and healing experience.

In an effort to improve my life it almost felt like life is passing me by, I am forever trying to fix myself or those around me. My quest for perfection turned me into a bitter control freak, I was exhausted and depleted…

It was high time to slow down, breathe and surrender… The meditation sessions is a gift that I am willing to give to myself to raise my vibration and be in alignment with my highest potential.
This time I surrender to my imperfectly perfect Being as I realise there truly is nothing to fix…
Thank you Mary for taking each one of us on this magnificent journey where I feel one with ALL THAT IS and connect with my Divine Essence.
I feel so much Joy radiating from my heart, my whole body tingles with excitement, awe and passion. I haven’t felt this good in a long time.

Infinite love and gratitude to you , I feel so blessed 💞💞💞💞🙏