Wow what an amazing experience! The Priestess Alchemy – Holy Rose 12 week mentoring program was so much more than I ever imagined. It has been life changing on every level of my being and not only the way I see myself but also how I see others and the beautiful world we live in.
My awareness has awakened and deep healing has helped me evolve and to develop self-honouring boundaries and to also put in place daily devotional practices. My yearning to experience real consciousness and surrendering to the mysteries has given me the capacity to hold these magical gifts against negativity, to find myself and explore and balance my relationship with the masculine and feminine. Delving into my shadows has helped me soften and open my heart which has allowed me to integrate and reclaim my sovereignty.
I feel empowered, connected, aligned to and at peace with my authentic spiritual self. l now have a deep trust and love for life and myself. I have embraced my sensuality and integration into devotional embodiment.
Mary is truly remarkable and has an amazing way of reaching out and engaging you and sees you and the journey you are on. Her teachings touch your soul and the transformation I have witnessed with myself and the other roses I journeyed with has been remarkable. The live sessions helped keep me connected and full of enthusiasm as I embraced and integrated with the feminine mysteries and embodiment.
Mary I am so grateful and I can’t thank you enough for seeing me, believing in me, teaching me so many valuable lessons and giving me the tools to become the Goddess I truly am. I look forward to continuing this journey and weaving more magic with you.