There are people you meet in your journey who arrive suddenly…or not! When this incredible woman Mary Mikhael Angelique came into my social media space, I took notice of who was in front of me closely. They say your vibe attracts your tribe … I was calling in my next level of life teachers and here was Mary. For those who know or don’t, I have been on a very personal transformational journey over the past years but especially since I moved to Cape Town in 2016. I knew I had a higher calling and pull years ago. I battled to fit in anywhere. And despite looking like I had my shit together, I was on a very deep, dark journey inside. I was always seeking for “something” more, something deeper than was being presented to me. I remember “roboting” through my days with my only sanity my 2 boys, the loves of my life. They kept me sane on the days I wanted to run and hide from the unhappiness inside. I lost my voice completely. As I hit rock bottom again and again with life’s knocks, I found that relationships shifted, evolved and morphed so quickly as I began to shed layers and layers and layers of the old skin- the old pain and suffering that I had been led to believe was mine. I took time out for me for the first time in my life. I have been on call 24/7 for the duration of my life. Always that person someone could talk to. I gave my love, my time, my trust, my energy, I gave me freely … because that’s me. It is only when I realised that I was depleted in love for myself that I stopped and adjusted my sails. No choice ! The Universe literally stopped me!!! Me first! Do you know that I had NO idea HOW to love me. I had given it all out that my internal stock had dried up. I had to remember all over again. Over the years as I have been on this journey, I have stepped aside from the ‘noise’ of life only to be misunderstood by most of exactly what was going down in my world. Weird, because very few people asked me – too deep apparently 🤩❤😘

Experiencing energy shifts at a cosmic level through your body and at a soul level is an experience that one day I can express in a book, was not exactly what I had planned for this lifetime. Or thats what I thought. Its been the hardest thing imaginable ESPECIALLY when very few ‘get’ you. Friends are a select few, family is not sure what to do with you, and everything in front of you is unknown! I gave up ALL my material belongings, everything to start this energy field again from the deepest part of me. Nope, not too many people get me and what went down. It was real, very real. And in these real moments, you find your guiding lights, your teachers, your tribe, the healers of the world. I have been VERY privileged of whom I have met and shared time with over the years. My lifelines on this journey.

I am grateful to all these incredible Beings that have been my guiding lights in this time, while I have been re-igniting mine. I am honored to be on this journey with you all as a new world 🌎 ✨ ❤ opens up right in front of our eyes. Being in pursuit of that inner happiness and peace, we can conquer anything together. Life really IS Magical. And its finally f#*%€ng awesome to know how I fit into this unbelievable, incredible time in life!!! Anything and EVERYTHING is possible