The Merge! Aaaaasmaazzzing!
Not only is The Merge transformative for me but for my family and all those I encounter..
Soul family I came home last night and spent two hours talking to my mum about the weekend, the releases, forgiveness, freedom, transformation and remembrance… She said I was beaming about my experience and she asked how she can learn to be more connected to god.. that for me was just beautiful.
Tonight I sat with my children. They took out their journals and wrote their own notes as I talked about just a small fraction of all that I learnt over the last three days, today we touched on forgiveness, giving your power away and freedom and connection to divine. We did our own circle of forgiveness and the tears flowed and a loving hug fest followed.
I went back to work today, with a quieter mind and not flustered. I started talking about the weekend to my work desk neighbor and she because interested and has now started looking into the next retreats
Mary and Jay thank you for gifting me the beginning of my journey and soul family thank you for holding space and being witness. Bursting with love for you all