The Awakened Man

The Rise of the Conscious Masculine

These experiences are about holding the space for men to embody their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and Divine selves through sacred teachings.

Throughout much of history, man has held the honour, the opportunity and the power to shape the world.

He has held the potential for countries, communities and families to rise or fall.

The power to create or destroy.

For peace or conflict.

To make love or to make war.

Now is the time for the Awakened Man; and the rise of the Conscious Masculine to reclaim his sacred responsibility to protect the earth, and deeply anchor his actions in united consciousness, integrity and equal power dynamics with his fellow brothers and sisters.

 Take a journey that will fundamentally alter your experience of manhood and the world. Improve every relationship, starting with your relationship to yourself. Show up as the man, husband, partner, father, and brother that you know you really are.

 The Awakened Man’ retreats, workshops, one on one sessions and online training’s are rooted in the very essence that as one man rises, he brings along one or more of his Brothers with him; thus creating a supportive global tribe of inspired men around the world. 

This experience is for all men who are ready for truth.

It is for men who hear the calling of their soul;

To heal the pain in their hearts and learn how to open up and trust again.

The desire to uplift and heal the past consciousness of the masculine;

And birth the Divine Masculine onto the planet.

To become a fierce Warrior; in Service.

In Service to himself; our planet and communities.

For their families, men, women and children.

It is for men who wish to commit to their personal and soul journey.

To hold the balance of masculine and feminine energies within.

To journey from separation back to Union; back to Divinity.

To become the illumined Master that they are.

To move into sacred union with the Divine Feminine.

And birth Sacred Relationships onto the planet.

To create and co-create a new consciousness onto the planet as equals; as partners, and as lovers.

Men will have the opportunity to explore the current consciousness of the masculine and the impact on our planet.

We shall journey into healing our father, mother and brother wounds and come back into alignment through the power of love, awareness and conscious leadership.

We shall journey individually but not alone into the shadow realms; to reclaim the parts of ourselves we have judged, persecuted, lost and shamed. We enter this initiation to heal our pain and to transform our anger.

Here we begin to rise and enter into our ‘Rights of Passage’ to become the ‘Soulful Spiritual Warrior’. For us, our global brotherhood, our ancestral lineage and to walk as equals and in partnership with a woman.

Let our relationship with the Sisterhood be healed, and the Brotherhood be reborn.

These expereinces are about holding the space for men to embody their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and Divine selves through sacred teachings, practices, ancient ritual, prayer, movement, sound, meditations, sacred initiation, and ceremonies.

Mary and Jonathan’s profound teachings, transmutation, and inner journeying will allow each man to connect back into his center, his heart, soul, and light.

Activities may include the art of devotion, sacred music, movement and dance, water healing and bathing, sacred ritual, Divine Masculine Initiation, sun and fire ceremony, soft and hard body movement, meditation and lots more.


Gateways will open and so the journey begins. You will discover:

  • Levels of conscious awakening
  • The spiritual journey, our life-soul contracts and our divinity.
  • Connecting with your inner warrior, king, priest and lover archetypes.
  • The fall and rise of the brotherhood.
  • The power of giving collective humanitarian service and contribution.
  • Recognizing connections to nature and humanity.
  • Characteristics of the Awakened Man
  • Service Leadership and the power of conscious choice.
  • Shadow work and the deep unconscious
  • How to move past judgements, mental programming and stories
  • Releasing male competition and comparison
  • Polarity, balance, and integration of masculine and feminine aspects of creation
  • The brilliance of masculine mind and feminine creativity coming together in union.
  • The difference between emotion, feeling, ego, thought and wisdom.
  • How to open up to deeper intimacy and growth without needing to ‘withdraw’ or ‘shut out’.
  • Exploring, healing and honouring our relationship with women and the sacred feminine.
  • Conscious relationships and the sacred marriage
  • The keys to living authentically and with integrity.
  • The power of co creation and pro-creation.
  • How to re-write your story
  • Healthy boundaries and creating a safe container for self and others.
  • Anger, sacred rage and the power of emotional charge.
  • Male empowerment and personal sovereignty
  • An exploration of legacy, connection, purpose, relationships and intention.
  • Building community and tribe dynamics. Exploration of group dynamics, diversity and similarity. A test of solidarity and trust.
  • Accepting responsibility as a man among men. Welcome into the circle of men.

And you will be gifted the opportunity to heal:

  • Father and Mother wound
  • Healing and opening our hearts and learning to Trust again
  • Male and masculine shadow (personal and collective)
  • Female and feminine shadow (personal and collective)
  • First feminine wound.
  • Let go of pain, karmic attachments, self-destructive patterns and limiting beliefs.
  • Ancestry blood-line trauma and rewrite your story
  • Inner child wounding
  • Betrayal, abandonment, guilt, shame and control. 
  • Releasing the prison of the mind (ego-mind, small mind versus Divine Mind)
  • Sexual wounding
  • Your relationship with men, women, children, nature, and money.

ONE ON ONE private sessions are also available and may include:

  • Sacred Ceremony, Ritual, and Initiation
  • healing and meditation journeys
  • Emotional Release 
  • Counselling 
  • Transformational Tools 
  • Archetypal Coaching 
  • Shadow Alchemy and the deep unconscious 
  • Heart Opening Techniques 
  • Soft &/or hard body movement (eg. Tai Chi, Qigong, yoga, Release work)

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